Board of Directors
 Karen Batte, President
 Dr. Henry Venta, Vice President
 Charlie Rojas, Secretary
 Sean Villery-Samuel, Treasurer
 Vernice Monroe, Past President

 Honorary Board Member

 Lauren Brooks

 Board Members
 Gerrit Achord
 Maite Broussard

 Heather Burton
 Cindy Dishman
 Gordon Friesz
 Judge James Mehaffy
 Toni Mulvaney

 Luke Nichols
 Sara Norman
 Leah Sachitano

 Sara Torr
 Tommy Turner
 Kim Willard

 Advisory Board Members
 Raymond Ambres
 Laura Begnaud
 Pat Bell
 Dr. Todd Clarke
 Beverly Collie

 Gina Crenshaw
 Claudia Deshotel
 Trent Devenzio
 Carol Flatten

 Diane Giblin
 Tim Kelly
 Eileen Lewis
 Rev. Ronnie Linden
 Philip Long
 Suzanne Maloney
 Laura McMurray
 Dr. Terry Morris
 Dade Phelan
 Fred Schwartz
 Gay Scott
 Jackie Simien

 Kent Walston
 Tommy Yeates

We are their voice!

Each year, more than 1,200 children living in Jefferson County are victims of abuse and/or neglect. With an overwhelmed child welfare system, the needs and interests of these children can be overlooked. These children need someone to speak up for them to ensure their timely placement in safe and permanent homes.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) recruits, trains, and supports community volunteers to empower abused and neglected children and give them a chance for a bright future. CASA Volunteers are powerful, effective and caring individuals.   They play a crucial role in a child’s life by monitoring a child’s case and reporting findings to the court. This helps to ensure better, more informed decisions are made regarding the life of a child.

With nearly 90 trained advocates and some 2,245 volunteers hours dedicated to children, CASA of Southeast Texas serves over 350 local children each year.   All these children have a friend and advocate working to ensure their placement in homes with hope for a positive future.   In some cases, this means returning to their parents once the child's safety is assured. In others, it means releasing the child for adoption. In either situation, CASA and our volunteer advocates are focused on the same goal – to give each child a chance at happiness and the stability that a child needs to thrive.

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